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Templeton Kitchen Faucet - Touch-Free Automatic Spray & Bonus Hands Free Soap Dispenser

Templeton Kitchen Faucet - Touch-Free Automatic Spray & Bonus Hands Free Soap Dispenser

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  • HANDS-FREE ON/OFF SENSOR: Are your hands messy and you don't want to constantly be touching the handle to the sink? This faucet has a sensor so you can wave your hands under the faucet for the water to turn on and off. Make cooking and other messy household chores a breeze during clean up
  • EXTENDING SPRAY NOZZLE: The extending head of the faucet turns on when the nozzle is extended and off when it is placed back in it's primary position. The nozzle also has two different spray functions, a continuous stream and a shower spray
  • WARRANTY: Each Templeton Sensor Faucet comes with a manufacturer warranty
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Step-by-step instructions guide you from start to finish with this easy installation. Faucet fits most standard single- hole or three-hole configuration sink areas and countertops. All you need is a phillips head screwdriver and everything else is included in the box, including an optional plate for three-hole installation
  • BONUS HANDS-FREE SOAP DISPENSER: This sink faucet now comes with a *BONUS* free automatic soap dispenser with matching stainless steel finish for a complete hands-free clean-up

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Stainless Steel modern design pull down kitchen faucet with hands-free option. Easy to install with step by step instructions.With smart sensor technology this faucet it great for easy clean up and wash up after messy household chores. Just turn the handle to the temperature of your choice and the faucet will turn on and off with the wave of your hand. **BONUS: Free stainless steel sensor soap dispenser in each box for a complete hands-free clean up experience.